WebSDR Sardegna

Located in Sas Tanchittas, Perfugas - JN40LT

WebSDR receiver in JN40LT. mail contact: WebSDR Admin

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Operated by IS0/HB3XDC (Gianni) and HB3XVQ (Jean) e-mail: gianniml41@gmail.com 

More infromation about Ham Radio in northern Sardegna can be found at:

ARI Sezione di Sassari (IQ0SS)
ARI Sezione di Porto Torres
ARI Sezione di Olbia

Other WebSDR servers at www.websdr.org

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Receivers:      SDRplay RSP1A and Airspy HF Discovery
Antenna's:      Wellbrook ALA1530LNA and Diamond X50NA

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